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November 16, 2014

More Shaggy Inkcaps!

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On Saturday 15th (yesterday) Anita and I walked along Wom Brook and the Railway in search of Toadstools. One of the species of Toadstools we found were (as you might have guessed already from the title and the previous post) Shaggy Ink cap (You can see that its cap is ‘Shaggy’ hence the name) - or its Latin name Coprinus comatus. We found these toadstools on the Wom Brook walk.

The top image shows a Shaggy Ink Cap at a stage where the bottom of the cap has curved upwards revealing some ink whereas the early stages the bottom of the cap is attached to the stalk (shown on the photo on the previous post by Daniel).

The next photo down shows another at a later stage where the cap has become more flat and is gradually going to ‘disappear’.

Finally on the next photo another Shaggy Ink Cap’s cap has turned into a kind of ‘Inky mess’! And is at one of its final stages of existence.

Shaggy Ink cap
Shaggy Ink cap2
Shaggy Ink cap3

September 11, 2014

Fairwell Summer - Cometh the Autumn

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Shaggy Inkcap
Many fungi are now fruiting such as this Shaggy Ink Cap, Coprinus comatus.

June 21, 2014

Banded Demioselle

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Today, I (James), Anita and Dan, went on a walk from Lower End Bridge to Pool House looking at different flowers and butterflies. On the way, we saw a Female Banded Demioselle. We knew this because it had green coloured wings. Later on, We saw a male Banded Demioselle!! The wings were both colourless and there was a blue band on both of them. Now you know how to tell a male to a female Banded Demioselle!! (The two photos below were taken by me, James GW)
Try and guess which is the male and which is the female! (The date and time on the photo are wrong)
Banded Demioselle Female
Banded Demioselle Male

January 14, 2014

Friends of Wombrook - Activities 2014

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Thursday 16th Work party
Saturday 18th A walk along the canal towards Swindon. Meet 10:00am at the School lay-by, Ounsdale Road, Wombourne. Bring binoculars.

Saturday 1st Work Party
Saturday 15th The Wonder of Trees in Winter
Thursday 20th Work Party


Saturday 1st Work Party
Saturday 15th Life in dark places
Thursday 20th Work Party

All activities 10:00am-12:00noon.
Meet at Gravel Hill picnic benches unless otherwise stated. Further details -
Anita Ferguson 01902 892187

October 30, 2013

Candle-like fungi

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Candle-like fungi

Does anyone know what this candle-like fungi is?
Click on the ‘comments’ if you do!

October 19, 2013


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Hello, my name is James. I am going to be helping out with the blog.

Hopefully I will be able to put up some photos of our activity with the Friends of Wombrook.

January 16, 2013

Friends of Wom Brook - Activities 2013

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Happy New Year! The Friends of Wom Brook have organised the following activities, up until the end of June. please note the date of the Photographic Competition in July.

January 2013

Thursday 17th Work Party
Saturday 19th Railway Walk: Birds & Trees. Meet 10am Station Car Park.

February 2013

Saturday 2nd Work Party
Saturday 16th Birds & Trees. Meet 10am at Bratch Locks. Bring Binoculars.
Thursday 21st Work Party

March 2013
Saturday 2nd Work Party
Saturday 16th Fishing in Wom Brook at Heath Mill Bridge & beyond.
Meet 10am Heath Mill Bridge, the last on Millfields Way.

Thursday 21st Work Party

April 2013

Saturday 6th Work Party
Thursday 18th Work Party
Saturday 20th Fishing in The Semestow. Meet 10am by Trysull Church.

May 2013
Saturday 4th Work Party
Thursday 16th Work Party
Saturday 18th Butterflies, Bees & Spiders etc. Meet 10am at the far end of Hatch Heath Close, opposite Westfiled School.

June 2013
Saturday 1st Work Party
Saturday 15th Recording Insects = Butterflies etc. Meet 10am by the Winnie the Pooh Bridge.
Thursday 20th Work Party

July 2013
Saturday 6th Judging the Photographic Competition & choosing pictures for the Friends of Wom Brook 2014 Calendar.
Meet 10am at Wombourne Methodist Church.

Non-members are welcome to all activities.

N.B. All activities 10-12 noon. Meet at Gravel Hill picnic benches unless otherwise stated.

For further details contact Anita on 01902 892187

September 25, 2012

For the first time ever - The Friend’s Calendar!

Wombrook Calendar
Richard Claxton has kindly put together our first ever Friend’s of Wombrook calendar!
The photographs were chosen at the latest Friend’s photographic competition and they include only those taken at and around the Wombrook by group members. It is on sale now for only £4.99! Contact Anita: 01902 892187 for more details!

June 3, 2012

Wombrook Springs into action!

Well, what a blessing to have that lovely weather a few weeks ago and the Friends of Wombrook group certainly thought so too! The recent photography events have produced some amazing pictures which will be judged later in the year, here are a few of the photos taken ( Some are representative of the Jubilee and incorporate Red, White and Blue flowers!) The illusive Beautiful Demoiselle was also spotted. 

Jubilee Colours Beautiful DemoiselleLone rock in brook

May 14, 2012

Rookery Road pathway flooding

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footpath flooding

Recent heavy rain has run off the fields between the Vine public house and the start of the Wom Brook Walk, at the eastern section of the Brook in Wombourne. The above photo, taken by a committee member of the Friends of Wom Brook shows the extent of the flooding and the subsequent damage to the Wom Brook Walk. South Staffordshire Council’s landscape department have been informed.